Electro Kabuki (EK2) System


EK2 is a smart and exceptionally easy-to-use system, and the selection of parts can be configured to meet your exact event requirements.

The EK2 modules are extremely robust and create the action at the end of the line. The firing and control boxes are the heart and brains of the entire system, and along with these basic components, there are many useful parts that make the rigging simple and the whole construction instantly effective.

Simply attach the EK2 modules to truss or an horizontal, spacing them about a foot apart. Link them together with simple color-coded EK cabling and connect the firing box to one end of the circuit. Check the status indicators on the EK2 modules, switch the firing box to “Armed,” and when you’ve got your cue just press the firing button!



Drape Kings Electro Kabuki

Electro Kabuki

Supports the drape or item and releases it when signaled.

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Drape Kings EK End of Line Indicator

End-of-Line Indicator

Part of the circuitry that proves electrical continuity.

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Drape Kings EK Basic Firing Box

Basic Firing Box

Houses a push-button for local firing of the EKs and controls which are fired.

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Drape Kings EK Sensing/DMX Firing Box

Sensing/DMX Firing Box

Checks the position of the safety catches and continuity of the cabling circuit and houses a push-button for local firing.

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Drape Kings EK Splitter Box

Splitter Box

Divides the power cable into 3 branches. Helps simplify system layout.

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Drape Kings Clamp


Heavy duty truss clamp that attaches the EK to a supporting truss or rail.

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Drape Kings EK Link Cable

Link Cable

Connects one item in the system to another.

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Drape Kings EK power Cable

Power Cable

Connects the power supply to the Firing Box.

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Drape Kings EK In-Line Coupler

In-Line Coupler

Connects 2 link cables to form a longer continuous length.

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Drape Kings EK Back-to-Back Bracket

Back-to-Back Bracket

Supports 2 EKs on 1 clamp (for “flop and drop” releases).

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