Pipe & Drape 2.0

Quickly becoming the new standard

Pipe & Drape 2.0 is a game changer for the installation of pipe and drape. 2.0 uses a patent pending design of sockets on the upright Crown and a heavy steel ball-stud on the crossbar Ball Cap to replace the tired system of slots and hooks that are the source of so many headaches.

Torn slots and bent hooks are a thing of the past. And the benefits don’t stop there. Because the crossbars are allowed almost a full range of motion, the telescoping uprights can be raised by one person with two or more crossbars attached.

This simple, functional, and incredibly durable system will save labor, reduce injuries, eliminates the need to replace or repair your uprights. You’ll also reduce injuries due to cut hands, and because the Ball Caps are smooth studs, you won’t be tearing as much drape. The system also incorporates a “breakaway” feature reducing the likelihood of a domino event from a blow down or knock down. Eliminating that possibility not only saves on labor costs but also reduces the likelihood of injuries (and liability).

And perhaps best of all, Pipe & Drape 2.0 is available as a retrofit to your existing pipe, so there is no need to replace your current inventory. Each upright and crossbar can be updated to 2.0 in just minutes! See information on individual models below and check out the Pipe & Drape 2.0 FAQ for more details.

Available upon request in the NYC metro area.


Retrofit Products

Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 2 Stage Crown

2 Stage Crown

The core of the system, the 2 Stage Crown is flexible.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 3 Stage Crown

3 Stage Crown

Built to withstand the most abusive environments and last.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Deco Crown

Deco Crown

Makes your conversion one of the easiest upgrades ever.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Small and Large Ball Caps

Ball Caps (Sm + Lg)

Allows a full range of motion for cross bars to make setup easy.

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Accessories and Attachments

Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Sidearm

The Sidearm

The best solution to safely and easily install multiple drape lines.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Shoulder Mount

Shoulder Mount

The perfect solution for securing lightweight accessories.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Angle Mounted Crown

Angle Mounted Crown

Proven to be one of the most versatile tools in our product line.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Socket Clip

Socket Clip

A simple solution for integrating old slotted uprights with 2.0.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Threaded Ball Studs

Threaded Ball Stud

One of the most useful accessories in the 2.0 lineup.

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Drape Kings Pipe & Base 2.0 Steel Mounting Post

Steel Mounting Post

Powerful 2.0 accessory for lightweight add-ons.

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Learn more about the benefits

Pipe & Drape 2.0 Introduction
An In-Depth Look
Attachments and Demo

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