Storage & Transport

Molded Plastic Hampers

Drape Kings Molded Plastic Hampers
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured by Drape Kings
  • Rigid, roto molded plastic hamper designed to ship and store drape
  • Keeps fabric clean, dry and protected
  • 16 Bushel capacity
  • 5” x 11/4” Polypropylene wheels with full-swivel casters
  • Empty hampers can be easily nested to minimize required storage space
  • 8 1/2” x 11” label holder on one side
  • Comes standard with a heavy-duty foam core plastic lid with wheel wells for double stacking (2 high)
  • Your company logo can be added for an additional cost (hamper does not come with a logo)
  • Black in stock; custom colors available with minimum order
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Molded Plastic Pipe Case

Drape kings Molded Plastic Pipe Case
  • Drape Kings exclusively designed and manufactured
  • Built-in wheels and handles for easy hauling
  • Available in 8’ and 10’ lengths
  • Holds up to 16 uprights or 20 horizontals
  • Offers optimum protection
  • Recommended adjustable upright quantity
  • Recommended horizontal drape support count (what you can carry, not jam in)
  • Other uses include stands, display pipe and extrusions, traveler track…
  • Designed and built in the USA
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Baseplate Box

Drape Kings Baseplate Box


  • Hand-made from Russian birch plywood store base plates
  • Slotted with heavy duty plastic for maximum safety and capacity
  • Easily moved with hand truck
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King Pipe Bag

Drape Kings Cordura Pipe Bag
  • Built from heavy and durable cordura fabric with resistance to abrasion, rot and mildew
  • Both ends reinforced with heavy-duty vinyl to protect against uprights puncturing the bag
  • Heavy-duty dual zippers and handles at both ends and center
  • Great for storage and transport of pipe hardware
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Base and Pin Bag

Drape Kings Base and Pin Bag


  • Accommodates up to four bases and pins
  • Adjustable belt to fit base size
  • Cordura fabric, reinforced corners, and dual-slide zippers for durability
  • Great for storage and transportation of bases and pins
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Drape Kings Hand Truck
  • Boasts a 550 lb capacity, we use them
  • Essential for moving heavy base boxes
  • 10″ flat-free semi-pneumatic wheels
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Pipe Cart

Drape Kings Pipe Cart
  • Storage and transport are made easy with our sturdy pipe carts
  • Choose from our standard, adjustable or divided models
  • Call for custom options
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Stanchion Cart

Drape Kings Stanchion Cart
  • Heavy-duty & compact, our stanchion carts safely store and transport your posts and ropes
  • Each base and pole has its own slot to avoid scratching or damage
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Sandbag Hamper

Drape Kings Sandbag Hamper
  • This rugged, sturdy poly hamper holds up to 450 lbs
  • ¾" plywood base
  • Four 5" swivel casters
  • Rope handles with rubber grip
  • Stacks for easy storage
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Transport Services

Whether your event is across town or 3,000 miles away, our fleet of trucks (or a common carrier) will get it there in time for you. We service the entire New York City, Washington DC and Chicago metropolitan areas from our home locations, picking up and delivering our products to your location at your convenience.

We use our own innovative shipping containers to ensure our products arrive in condition for every rental, free of charge. In addition, all of our transport products are available for purchase.